Benefits of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

Montgomery Sanitation Can Clean Home Drains in Christiansburg, VA

There are benefits of high-pressure drain cleaning. A slow-draining pipe might seem like a nuisance until it becomes a major backup. Professional plumbing experts often perform high-pressure drain cleaning, or hydro-jetting to blast through clogs. It involves a plumbing technician using a flexible hose connected to an adjustable nozzle. The nozzle emits a high-pressure stream of water into your pipes to shatter clogs. This method has proven to be the most beneficial drain cleaning technique for many reasons.


Better Results with High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

Many different items and conditions can cause blockages, including grease, coffee grinds, hair, and more. When it comes to clearing out clogged drains, high-pressure cleaning produces the most effective results. The high-pressure stream of water spins in multiple directions when you blast it into the pipes. This allows the water to tackle different types of blockages from various angles, and force it out of place.


Get the Job Done Faster with Montgomery Sanitation

Prompt service can ensure a quick clearing of the blockage in your pipes. Some methods mean digging into the clog, or letting products sit and break down the clog. This can take a while to get to the root of the problem. A high-pressure cleaning can blast through the clog in less time. Also, you don’t need clean-up time.


Leaving No Trace of a Clog Removal with High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

One of the best benefits of high-pressure drain cleaning is that when done, there are no signs it took place. There is no digging in your yard, or drilling into pipes involved. This important service only requires a blast of water to remove the grime, and clear your home’s pipes.


Leave the Problem to Montgomery Sanitation Services

Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. offers professional residential and commercial drain cleaning services. Slow or clogged drains are something no home or business owner wants to deal with. They are inconvenient, and could lead to bigger and more expensive problems.


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