Septic Tank Cleaning and Tank Pumping

Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. Provides Septic Tank Pumping & Cleaning

A septic tank is an underground precast concrete or plastic chamber through which wastewater is collected and is eventually distributed to a drain or leach field. The septic tank is designed to provide treatment to the wastewater and prevent solid waste material from entering your distribution box and drain field. If not maintained correctly it increases the chances of solid waster entering the distribution box and the drain or leach field which can result in system failure. Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. pumps and cleans the septic tank of liquid and solid waste and checks the inlet and outlet tees and lines at each service to ensure everything is functioning properly.

We recommend that conventional septic tanks pumped and cleaned every three to five years or sooner, depending on the amount of use for regular maintenance. Alternative septic systems and septic systems with pumps may need more frequent service. Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. provides septic tank pumping and cleaning to the New River Valley and surrounding areas. Call us today at (540) 382-2205 to schedule an appointment.

Benefits Of Pumping And Cleaning The Septic Tank

Keeping up with regular septic tank pumping and cleanings is crucial to avoid severe problems with the septic system. Pumping and cleaning the tank lowers the chance of sewage backing up into the home, sludge build-up, and drain field damage.

Signs it is Time to Schedule Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning

The following signs may indicate it is time to schedule a septic tank pumping and cleaning with Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc.:

• Slow or Gurgling Drains
• Odors

• Wet Spots Around Septic Tank or Drain Field Location
• It Has Been Over Five Years Since the Last Pumping & Cleaning

If you are experiencing any of these signs or it has been over five years since the septic tank has been pumped and cleaned, contact Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. today.

Locating Your Septic Tank

Every septic tank owner should know the location of their septic system, as it is not only essential to pumping and cleaning, but for the well-being of the system. Having knowledge of your septic system’s location can help you be aware of situations that are potentially harmful, such as driving heavy equipment over the system, or trees being close enough to cause root damage. If you are aware, then you can take preventative measures to protect the septic tank and system. Montgomery Sanitation Services provides locating services that are available with or without a tank pumping and cleaning appointment.

Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. Offers Excavation for Septic Tank Service

To perform any septic services, the lid needs to be easy to access for the technician. Montgomery Sanitation Services understands that this can be a daunting task for any septic system owner. That is why we do it for you! We determine excavation fees by depth, and the technicians onsite will dig up to two feet by hand with shovels. Anything deeper requires a scheduled appointment with a small excavator.

Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. Installs Manhole Risers

Montgomery Sanitation Services installs ground-access manhole risers for easy access to septic tanks. Installing a manhole riser means that there is direct access to the lid of the septic tank, and it is no longer required to remove grass and dirt by hand or by machine.

Schedule Filter Maintenance with Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc.

Some septic systems have a filter inside the septic tank that needs cleaning periodically. The filter filters the effluent from the septic tank to prevent solids from entering the drain field. If the filter goes unchecked, sewage may back up into the home, and result in the septic tank needing to be pumped and cleaned as well. Schedule an appointment with Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc., today to maintain your septic tank filter.