What Do I Do If My Septic Alarm Is Going Off?

Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. Can Help You in Emergencies

In this month’s blog, Montgomery Sanitation focuses on what to do if your septic alarm is going off. If your septic alarm has ever gone off, you know that it can be stressful and confusing. The alarm alerts you when the water level within the pump tank has increased or decreased excessively. Normally, there is some kind of timer in septic systems with a pump. The timer controls the window of time during which the pump moves the wastewater into the drain field. These distinct time periods occur at specific times throughout the day. These pumps keep drain fields from overflowing during. The alarm will sound when excess water drain into the system or groundwater is seeping through the tank.


Trust the experts at Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. to help you. The alarm is not always an emergency, but give us a call at (540) 382-2205 to assess the situation.


What to Do When Your Septic Alarm Goes Off

When the septic alarm sounds there are several steps to take before calling Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc.

  1. Do not panic. If this is the first time the alarm is sounding, you have time to react.
  2. Silence the alarm as long as you remember it went off, and address the issue within the next 12 hours. There is no need to listen to the alarm continuing to sound.
  3. Stop water usage as much as possible. Don’t wash laundry, dishes, or use the shower. Limit toilet flushing.
  4. Check your breaker box. Make sure you don’t have a tripped breaker. If tripped, turn the breaker back on. If the alarm sounds again, give us a call for service. If no alarm sounds, the pump should return to proper use.


Potential Causes for the Alarm to Sound

While the alarm should sound when there is excessive change in water level, there are other reasons it sounds. These include:

  • Power failure
  • Breaker trips
  • Pump gets unplugged
  • Pump wears out
  • Electrical problem
  • Float stop working
  • Malfunction
  • Shut off Switch is flipped off


Regardless of the reason for failure, a septic alarm needs addressing. Septic waste can back up into your house and can damage your drain field, if ignored. To schedule service, give Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. a call.


Call Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. at (540) 382-2205 if your septic alarm sounds. Follow us on Facebook for updates. We are happy to discuss more about what to do when your Septic Alarm is going off.