Alternative Septic Inspections in VA

Virginia Requires Yearly Inspections of Alternative Septic Systems

You might be wondering as a new land owner in Virginia about alternative septic inspections. Since 2011, property owners who have alternative septic systems are required to have a certified operator inspect the site. Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. is a certified alternative septic system operator. We can complete the required annual inspections of alternative septic systems in the New River Valley and surrounding areas. We are experienced in performing these detailed inspections.


Alternative Septic System Owners Have Mandatory Regulations

Virginia law requires property owners to have certified operators inspect alternative septic systems annually. If you fail or refuse to follow the mandatory rules and regulations, you will face civil regulations and fines. The Virginia Department of Health and localities can fine property owners. You have crucial responsibilities as an owner of an alternative septic system, or alternative onsite sewage system. The Virginia Department of Health lists those responsibilities in Code Section 12VAC5-613-140:

  1. Have the AOSS operated and maintained by an operator;
  2. An operator should visit the AOSS at the frequency required by regulations;
  3. Have an operator collect any samples required by regulations;
  4. Keep a copy of the log provided by the operator on the property where the AOSS is located in electronic or hard copy form, make the log available to the department upon request, and make a reasonable effort to transfer the log to any future owner;
  5. Follow the O&M manual and keep a copy of the O&M manual in electronic or hard copy form for the AOSS on the property where the AOSS is located, make the O&M manual available to the department upon request, and make a reasonable effort to transfer the O&M manual to any future owner; and
  6. Comply with the onsite sewage system requirements contained in local ordinances adopted pursuant to the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act (§10.1-2100 et seq. of the Code of Virginia) and the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Designation and Management Regulations (9VAC10-20) when an AOSS is located within a Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area.

Source: Virginia Department of Health


Our Technicians Thoroughly Inspect Your Alternative Septic System

Montgomery Sanitation knows you want to make sure that your septic system meets every Virginia DOH requirement for safety and efficiency. That is why we thoroughly inspect your alternative septic system during our alternative septic inspections. Our certified operators have a checklist that they follow in order to make alternative septic inspections. Among the steps on the checklist are:

  • Locate your alternative septic system and uncover access holes.
  • Check for signs of sewage or wastewater backup.
  • Measure scum and sludge layers.
  • Inspect any mechanical parts and identify leaks.
  • Check the condition of internal slabs and tees.
  • Flush your toilets to evaluate your alternative septic system’s efficiency.
  • Recommend tank cleaning.
  • Check the ground over the drain field for soggy conditions.


Montgomery Sanitation Sends Inspection Reports to Virginia DOH

Once our certified operators complete alternative septic inspections, we send the inspection report to the Virginia Department of Health. We also present reports to the homeowner and provide maintenance logs to new alternative septic system owners. Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. can also retrieve the required samples for any alternative septic system. Virginia law requires alternative septic systems with sample ports have a sample taken with 180 days of use after install and every five years thereafter. We will provide an expert evaluation of your system.


Various Reasons Why Septic Contractors Install Alternative Systems

Septic system contractors will install an alternative septic system instead of a conventional septic tank and drain field system. Property owners are using alternative septic systems more and more these days because of land conditions. There are multiple alternative septic system types. The most popular include aerobic treatment, media filters (peat moss, sand, textiles), or a combination of the two. Montgomery Sanitation designs alternative septic systems for sites with these conditions:

  1. Not enough space to install a conventional leach field
  2. Slope of land does not allow for a conventional septic system
  3. High water table
  4. Proximity to wells
  5. Soil percolation rates are too fast or too slow
  6. Shallow bedrock with less than two feet of soil above the bedrock
  7. Your system has failed in the past


If you experience any of these conditions, you may be a prime candidate for an alternative septic system. Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. is here to help you make the decision and provide installation.


We Provide Various Other Types of Septic System Inspections

Alternative septic inspections are among the various types of inspection services that Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. offers. We have several types of evaluations and inspections for all of your septic system needs. Our certified operators also offer a conventional septic system walkover inspection and a septic system evaluation. Evaluating or inspecting a conventional septic system is the best way to know if your system is functional. Whether you have lived in the home for years, or are a new homeowner, it is important to be aware of how the septic system is operating.


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