Septic System Evaluations and Inspections

Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. Offers Septic Evaluations & Inspections

Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. offers several types of evaluations and inspections for all of your septic system needs. We highly recommend having the septic system evaluated or inspected, as it is the best way to know if your system is functional. Whether you have lived in the home for years, or are a new homeowner, it is important to be aware of how the septic system is operating. Call Montgomery Sanitation Services at (540) 382-2205 for an appointment for a septic system evaluation or inspection.

Septic Walkover Inspections

A septic walkover inspection is the simplest inspection Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. performs. The technician will walk over the septic system looking for any obvious signs of any drain field leaks. A septic walkover inspection can be performed alone or with a septic pumping and cleaning appointment.

Septic System Evaluations

Septic system evaluations are the most thorough septic system check that Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. offers. During a septic system evaluation, our technicians will locate and uncover the septic tank and the distribution box and evaluate the inlet line, septic tank, outlet line, and distribution box, and water test the drain lines to determine the condition of the septic system. Upon completion, we provide a full written report and sketch of the system.

Alternative Septic System Inspections and Samples

Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. is a Certified Alternative Septic System Operator and can complete the required annual inspections of alternative septic systems in the New River Valley and surrounding areas. Once completed, we send the inspection report to the State as well as to the homeowner and provide maintenance logs to new alternative septic system owners. Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. can also retrieve the required samples for any alternative septic system. It is required that alternative septic systems with sample ports have a sample taken with 180 days of use after install and every five years thereafter. Contact Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. today for an alternative septic system inspection or sample appointment.