Original Septic Installation Permits Are Needed for Inspections

Trust Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc for Your Septic Inspections

In this month’s blog, Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. is focusing on why we need original septic installation permits for inspections. We highly recommend having us evaluate or inspect the septic system. It is the best way to know if your system is functional. New homeowners or not, it is important to be aware of how the septic system is operating. As part of our guidelines, we do require original septic installation permits before we start an inspection or evaluation. Let’s take a closer look at why having the original septic installation permit is optimal.


What Do You Need for a Septic Installation Permit?

A permit for a septic system has vital information needed to properly do an inspection. To apply for the permit you need:

  • The Name of the Owner
  • The Scale of the System (Written and Illustrated)
  • Location
  • Date of Installation
  • Name of the Licensed Professional Engineer


Proper Septic Installation Permits Reveal System Location

The septic permit information allows us to know when and where the system is. This allows for ease of finding the tank and drain field for inspection. If the septic system isn’t up to code, we can identify if the installation has issues. The municipality could have updated the code later. This puts the correction onto the correct individuals. A permit also protects us and the homeowners from lawsuits if the information is available.


How to Find Your Septic System Permit

If you are looking for your septic permit, you have several options for locating it. As the homeowner, you can reach out to your septic installer. You can look through your closing paperwork, or reach out to your local environmental health service department for a copy. Once you locate the permit, place it in a folder for your home-related appliances, projects etc. This saves you time and effort from trying to locate it the next time you need that information.


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