Septic System Myths Busted: Debunking Common Misconceptions

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Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. has been a cornerstone of the Christiansburg, VA, the New River Valley, and surrounding areas for over sixty years. Our experts offer unparalleled expertise in septic system maintenance and care. Throughout our history, we’ve encountered numerous myths surrounding septic systems. These misconceptions can lead to poor maintenance practices, unnecessary costs, and system damage. Here, we debunk five common myths to help you manage your septic system effectively.

Myth 1: Septic Systems Can Handle Anything

A prevalent myth is that septic systems are indestructible and can process any type of waste. This is a dangerous misconception. Non-biodegradable items such as wipes, feminine hygiene products, and certain kinds of toilet paper can clog and damage your system. Using only septic-safe products is crucial for maintaining the system’s functionality.

Myth 2: Septic Systems Don’t Need Regular Pumping If There Are No Problems

Many homeowners believe that absent any signs of trouble, their septic system does not require pumping. This belief can lead to serious issues. Septic tanks need regular maintenance, including pumping every 3-5 years, to prevent backups and ensure the system functions properly.

Myth 3: Additives Are a Substitute for Pumping

The market is full of products claiming to enhance septic system performance or even eliminate the need for pumping. However, most healthy septic systems do not require additives, and some products can disrupt the system’s natural processes, doing more harm than good.

Myth 4: A Lush Lawn Over the Drainfield Indicates a Healthy System

While a green lawn might seem to signify a healthy septic system, it can actually indicate an effluent overflow, which is a problem. The only reliable method to assess the health of your septic system is through professional inspections.

Myth 5: Planting Trees Near Your Septic System Is Safe

Many homeowners mistakenly believe it’s safe to plant trees near their septic system. Tree roots can grow into and damage the septic lines, leading to costly repairs. It’s best to keep trees at a safe distance from your septic system to avoid these issues.

Don’t let myths guide your septic system maintenance. Trust Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. for expert advice and services. Serving the Christiansburg area for over six decades, we’re here to ensure your septic system remains healthy and efficient. Contact us at (540) 382-2205 or visit our Facebook page for more information.