Locating Your Septic Tank Lid

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Locating your septic tank lid is crucial for maintenance and service. Montgomery Sanitation Sanitation Services, Inc. recommends pumping and cleaning the septic tank every three to five years. We pump directly from the septic tank and ensure that we empty the septic tank thoroughly.

It may be that if you have a septic system, you rarely think about it. There is no monthly bill to worry about and as long as it works correctly, there is no concern. Since you haven’t thought about your septic tank for a few years you may have forgotten where it is.

If you need help locating the lid of your septic tank, follow these tips. Still unable to locate it? Contact the professionals at Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. at (540) 5523201.


Knowing Your Septic Tank Location

As septic systems experts, we recommend having septic cleaning every 3-5 years. The time frame depends on its size, and the number of people in the home. An important piece of information we need from you is to know where to find the tank.

You also need to know where the septic tank is to build a room addition, garage, driveway, etc. Since we need semi-regular access to the septic tank, you do not want to build on top of it. Construction over a septic tank can also damage the integrity and components. This situation leads to leaks and a failing system.


Inspect Yard For Signs of a Septic

A copy of the original septic installation permit can be beneficial to finding the septic tank and remembering its location. There may also be signs to look for while searching your yard. Often when the contactor is filling the hole for the septic tank after its placement, the dirt creates a small hill. Grass growth is another obvious sign in your yard of your septic tank location. If the contractor installed the tank in shallow ground, the grass will have a harder time growing.

You will either have short, sparse patches of grass or mostly a dirt area. If you have a leach septic tank field, you will have strips of very fast growing lawn and normal growth. Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. offers tank locations in the case you are still unable to find your septic tank.


Benefits of Knowing the Tank Location

Knowing the septic tank location is good for regular maintenance services. It is also good when you may want to add a home addition or install a pool. It is beneficial if you need to have heavy equipment on your property. You don’t want to install an addition or have machinery running over the top of the septic tank. Doing so can lead to damaging the septic system. It can become costly to remove home add-ons to gain access to the septic tank and other septic components.


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