Maintain Septic Inlet and Outlet Tee Levels

Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc., Provides Septic Maintenance

Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc., will help you to maintain your septic inlet and outlet tee levels. Inlet and outlet tee levels are an essential part of any septic system design. They help to control the flow of wastewater into and out of the septic tank. They also prevent solids from entering the drainfield. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of inlet and outlet tee levels and provide tips on properly maintaining them.



What are Inlet and Outlet Tee Levels?

Inlet and outlet tee levels refer to the height of the tees connecting the septic tank to the inlet and outlet pipes. The inlet tee controls the flow of wastewater from the building into the tank. The outlet tee controls the flow of effluent from the tank into the drainfield. Tee levels must be set at the correct height to ensure proper functioning of the system. If the inlet tee is set too high, solids can enter the drainfield and cause clogs. If the outlet tee is set too low, solids can accumulate in the tank and cause system failure.



Tips to Follow to Maintain Inlet and Outlet Tee Levels

  • Make sure to schedule regular inspections of your septic system with a licensed professional. They can check the tee levels and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Monitor your water usage, and avoid overloading the system with too much wastewater. This can cause solids to accumulate in the tank and lead to system failure.
  • It is important to only dispose of wastewater and toilet paper down your drains. Refrain from flushing harmful substances such as chemicals, grease, or medications, as they may harm the system and lead to blockages.
  • To prevent clogs and system damage, ensure that the region around the septic tank is free of any debris, such as leaves or other organic materials.



Schedule Maintenance with Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc.

By following these tips and maintaining the inlet and outlet tee levels, you can ensure that your septic system properly functions. Maintenance is key to the longevity and effectiveness of your septic system.


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