Septic Filter Maintenance

Prevent a Septic Tank Malfunction with Montgomery Sanitation Services

To keep your septic system running smoothly, consider septic filter maintenance. Not all septic systems have an onsite filter, but if there is, and you don’t clean regularly, it can clog. When this happens a septic system backup can occur. To schedule regular maintenance or emergency services, call us at (540) 382-2205 or contact us online.


What is a Septic Tank Filter?

An effluent filter prevents solid waste from moving from the holding tank to your leach or drainage field. If it reaches your leach field, it can lead to issues with the functionality of your septic system. Montgomery Sanitation recommends you clean the filters every three to six months. Cleaning prevents future septic system issues, and keeps your system operation as designed.


How to Clean a Septic Filter

If you know where your tank is, cleaning your filter is simple. To clean the effluent filter, first remove the lid and lift it out. You can simply use your garden hose to clean the filter off. Once you can see through the filter you know that it is clean. Then, replace the filter by putting it in and turning it the opposite way.

You should clean your filter every three to 12 months depending on the size of your septic tank. For a more accurate timetable, contact Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. If you need help finding your tank, please check out our previous blog: Locating Your Septic Tank Lid.



Learn more about septic tank maintenance by calling Montgomery Sanitation Services, Inc. at (540) 382-2205. Check out our Facebook for the latest company happenings. Our team is here to educate you about septic filter maintenance.